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TIPS: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression Around the Holidays

Helpful Hints for Dealing with Anxiety and Depression Around the Holidays

Since all negative emotion comes from unmet expectations, the Holiday season carries the potential to dish out a particularly large plateful of sour moods and sullen faces because of the increased expectations we so often have for ourselves and others this time of year.

This Holiday season, don’t lower your standards, but do lower your personal expectations in terms of the length of your to-do list, the time in which everything must be completed, and any other area in which your expectations are unrealistically high for yourself and others. Anticipate crowds at the shopping mall so you aren’t as frustrated when you run into them; expect to find that supplies ran out for the item you wanted on sale; and just assume that some of your relatives will not like this year’s new Christmas jello recipe anymore than they did last year’s. Slow down and take in the spirit of a remarkable season rather than spending so much time trying to meet an inexhaustible list of unrealistic expectations that will lead to frustration and even depression. Have a merry Christmas!!


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