TIPS: Feeling Overwhelmed?

Until just recently I was working for a hospice company providing care to individuals who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I never once heard anyone state at that point in life that they wished they had spent more time working and less time with family.  At the end of our lives, all we will want around us is our family.  I never saw an exception to that.

Typically when we feel overwhelmed it is because we have not prioritized well and/or just have too much on our plate.  All of the technology advancements that are supposed to make our lives so much easier actually just end up making it easier to work anywhere and everywhere.  In today’s world, it takes effort to relax!

With all that there is to do in our busy lives, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  One simple act can help to change that: SIMPLIFY.  Most of us would struggle to delineate an area in our lives that could be simplified or reduced – everything is important!  The truth is that many important things can be broken down into smaller and simpler pieces, other important things can be done more over time instead of “immediately,” and some important things actually aren’t that important and can be dropped altogether if we really think about it.

Think about all the things you fret over and find ways to make even some minor adjustments.  Prioritize more time with family and less with work and other things.  Choose to simplify down to what matters most.  You won’t ever regret it.

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