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Steven Eastmond, LCSW


Steven Eastmond, LCSW

Steve is a licensed clinical social worker and received his masters in social work (MSW) from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, the school ranked number one in social work in the country.  Steve’s concentration of study was in mental health and he specialized in family therapy. He worked in home health and hospice for over 10 years, counseling individuals dying from a terminal illness and also helping their families.  He has also worked as the administrative director for one of the four forensic units at the Utah State Hospital in Provo.  Steve has been in private practice for over 19 years, counseling individuals, couples, and families.

Mr. Eastmond approaches counseling from a very client-centered point of view. Incorporating therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and family systems theory, Steve believes that the client is the expert in his/her own life and works with each individual as a collaborative team to find solutions to personal problems and develop a plan that best fits his/her life circumstances and personality.  Steve specializes in depression, anxiety, and other mood and mental disorders; trauma and abuse recovery; grief and loss; and pornography and sexual addictions.  He enjoys working with couples, parents, and adolescents on such issues as communication, improving and understanding intimacy, and parenting skills.   

Mr. Eastmond enjoys teaching and public speaking and regularly offers seminars and presentations to various audiences.  He has been a guest lecturer at both UVU and BYU, has taught at BYU Education Week each year since 2011 and has presented for school districts, several LDS stakes, wards, and youth groups, Utah County Professionals for Seniors, Utah Hospice and Paliative Care Organization, the Utah Senior Expo, and others.  Visit his espeakers profile.

Steve has four amazing children, who are the focus of his whole life.  He resides in Lehi, Utah.  He enjoys running, golf, tennis, reading, and spending time with his kids.  Counseling is one of his passions and he loves helping people make changes in their lives for the better.