Privacy Policy and Confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are of great importance to us.  Information about your appointment and what we discuss in counseling is kept private except under certain exceptional circumstances dictated by law, or if you sign a release requesting your counselor to speak with someone about your concerns.  Typically this would be a doctor, ecclesiastical leader, or another mental health professional whom you have seen previously.  We know how important confidentiality is to each of our clients and use great discretion to keep that information private.

Circumstances in which your counselor would be required by state law to disclose your protected health information would be as follows:

  • Child Abuse – If your counselor has reasonable cause to believe a child known to him/her in his/her professional capacity may be an abused child or a neglected child, your counselor must report this belief.  Should you disclose any information about abusing a child, your counselor is obligated to report this, as well.
  • Serious Threat to Health or Safety – If your counselor believed that you present an imminent, serious risk of injury or death to yourself, he/she may make disclosures he/she considers necessary to protect you from harm. If you communicate to your counselor a specific threat of imminent harm against another individual or if he/she believes that there is clear, imminent risk of physical or mental injury being inflicted against another individual, he/she may make disclosures that he/she believes are necessary to protect that individual from harm.
  • Subpoenaed Records – If the courts order the release of your records, your counselor is obligated by law to turn those records over to the requesting court.  A formal, signed order must be received by our offices for this to occur.