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Carol Lundwall, CMHC

Carol Lundwall, CMHC

Carol is a clinical mental health counselor with an undergraduate background in social work and a license

in both.  She obtained her bachelors degree in psychology and sociology from the University of

Utah in 1997 and her masters degree in mental health counseling from the University of Phoenix in 2009 after spending over ten years working with at-risk youth and foster families.  Carol has worked with clients dealing with a variety of issues including substance abuse, sexual abuse, sexual reactivity, troubled youth, domestic violence issues, sex offenders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.

In the last 15 years Carol has worked extensively with families and understands the complex dynamics that often exist within the family unit.  She is skilled in helping family members understand one another and has extensive experience in the reunification of families when they have been broken up.   She is trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and has worked with abused children for years.  She focuses on the trauma narrative process to help children process the abuse they experienced.  Carol’s sensitivity to the individual and her ability to meet people where they are in their lives has been a great asset in helping her assist individuals and families to heal and come together.